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  2. Vologda Oblast journalist reported for photo in yellow puffer jacket against the blue sky

Vologda Oblast journalist reported for photo in yellow puffer jacket against the blue sky

Photo from Antonida Smolina's personal archive
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Antonida Smolina, a journalist from Veliky Ustyug, came under denunciation for taking a photo in a yellow puffer jacket against the blue sky. The New Tab media outlet noticed Smolina's post online on April 9 and shared it on their page. 

Following the denunciation, a police officer visited Antonida Smolina, a resident of Veliky Ustyug. A certain man had reported her to the police because of a photo she had published on social media. The combination of Smolina's yellow jacket and the blue sky reminded the informant of 'enemy symbols,' which he believed discredited the army and the state.

"Obviously, I explained that my puffer jacket was three years old and that my salary doesn't allow me to buy new clothes every time societal opinions on colors change. Technically, the jacket isn't even yellow; it's crayola," the journalist explained.

Smolina expressed both amusement and concern for her neighbors. She believes that politics is eroding the peace in the souls of those around her.

"What's going on in their heads, in their souls? Where did it come from? <...> Preserve your inner world and its peace! Not the one filled with many things and people, but the quiet and honest one," the journalist wished.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, denunciations have become widespread in Russia. For example, a resident of Yoshkar-Ola was fined for displaying a white-blue-white flag (an opposition symbol) on her car's license plate following a report by a passerby. The car owner insisted that the plate featured a regular Russian flag, which had faded in the sun.


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