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About 7×7 — Horizontal Russia

7×7 — Horizontal Russia is a media outlet that focuses on civil society in small Russian regions. Our online project brings together a team of professional journalists and bloggers who are committed to encouraging, facilitating, and inspiring change for the better among volunteers, social entrepreneurs, NGO employees, activists, and other concerned citizens. We believe that the future of Russia lies in the decentralization of places of power and true federalization.

7x7 Mission

To contribute to the prompt end of the war and Russian military aggression using media tools and bring closer Russia that neither its neighbors nor its citizens fear.

7x7 is a media project that defends the values of human rights and talks about civil self-organization in Russian regions. Our goal is to strengthen civil society through joint efforts of professional journalists, bloggers and activists in the regions and small cities with a population of less than 1M citizens, help develop regional civic consciousness and contribute to the transformation of Russia into a real federation.

Our history

Our project originated in Syktyvkar in 2010 as an internet portal for people of the Komi Republic. In 2011, we opened our first regional section for the Ryazan Region. Over the next decade, we were joined by authors from various regions, including Mari El, Karelia, Kirov, Murmansk, Kostroma, Kaluga, and others.

Professional reputation

The authors of 7×7 have received numerous accolades, including five Redkollegiya professional journalism awards, awards from the Vmeste Media festival, the NPO-profi competition, and the prize of the Committee of Civil Initiatives. In 2019, the online magazine 7×7 was the proud recipient of the international award The Free Media Awards.

If you have something to share

If you have something to share, you can write to our editorial hotline or report the news to our Telegram bot.

We would be delighted if you registered your blog on the 7×7 platform.

Let’s get closer

To get closer to our project, you can access our content through various channels, including

  • Facebook*
  • Voice of the Remote Russia — a YouTube-channel where independent journalists ask russian people about life in their country, politics and effect of the war in Ukraine
  • Focus 7×7 — weekly newsletter from our special correspondent about how Russia is changing during wartime

*(Note: Meta Platforms Inc. products are recognized as extremist and banned in Russia).