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  2. Belgorod volunteer, who helped Ukrainians return home, dies in detention center

Belgorod volunteer, who helped Ukrainians return home, dies in detention center

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Alexander Demidenko, a volunteer from Belgorod who assisted Ukrainians in returning home, passed away in a pre-trial detention center. The 'Vot Tak' media outlet shared this information on April 8, citing a source close to Alexander. Later, his son, Oleg, confirmed Demidenko's death.

According to preliminary information, Demidenko died on April 5. His former lawyer, Elena Palymova, informed '7x7' that she was unaware of his demise. Demidenko's current lawyer, Andrey Androsov, told our journalist that he lacks details regarding his client's death, having learned about it only today.

Demidenko's son, Oleg, suggested that his father might have taken his own life. 

"The mere thought of potential future imprisonment was unbearable for such an active and freedom-loving man. During six months in the detention center, they were psychologically killing him by the absence of meetings with loved ones or at least books," Oleg Demidenko wrote

Later, he added that his father had a heart condition.

In the autumn of 2023, Alexander Demidenko was arrested on charges of illegal arms trafficking. Law enforcement reported discovering a hand grenade and two detonators in his house. Bruises were noticed on Demidenko's body during the search.

Demidenko was detained at the border crossing in the Kolitilovka settlement following reports about refugees from Ukraine who were allegedly being sold spots in the return queue to their home country.


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