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  2. The prosecution has declined a complaint about an assault against an anti-war ex-policeman from Kursk

The prosecution has declined a complaint about an assault against an anti-war ex-policeman from Kursk

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The Kursk prosecutor's office has declined a complaint about an assault against ex-policeman Ruslan Agibalov. According to him, he was attacked after his trial for discrediting the army. Agibalov left Russia after the attack. He informed about the prosecution’s decision on social networks on April 3.

In February 2023, Ruslan Agibalov was detained and accused of discrediting the army because of a video on YouTube. After that, the former policeman recorded a video with a bruise on his face and thanked the commander "for life," which he had begun to appreciate "many times more" after being kept at the police station.

Agibalov complained to the police about an assault by "unknown persons" who broke two of his ribs. But the police did not respond to his statement. Then the ex-policeman reported to the prosecutor's office about the inaction of the police officers. However, this complaint was also declined.

"I have seen a lot during my years of service in the Interior Ministry, but this is something completely abnormal and, I think, criminal on the part of law enforcement," he wrote on social networks.

Agibalov was dismissed from the police in January 2021 for "defaming the honor and dignity of the internal affairs officer.” The reason for the dismissal was a video he had recorded in support of Alexei Navalny. He tried to get reinstated through the court, but his claim was denied. He was also evicted from his corporate apartment immediately after his dismissal.

In March 2022, Agibalov spent three days under arrest over a picket with a poster "Peace - Yes!" In February 2023, after the trial and the assault, Ruslan Agibalov left Russia for Turkey. Now, as his social network posts show, he is in Mexico.


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