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  2. In Syktyvkar, eco-activist held a one-person picket against climate crisis

In Syktyvkar, eco-activist held a one-person picket against climate crisis

Dmitry Stepanovsky
photo by Kirill Shuchalin
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Eco-activist from Murmansk Maria Bogdanova demanded at the picket that the state should pay attention to climate change in the world. On October 25, she went to the Theater square in the center of Syktyvkar with poster "It's Time for Changes".

Eco-activist Maria Bogdanova believes that climate change is the greatest concern of the world. Last year, she began to limit the use of plastic and unnecessary things, and a month ago decided to become an activist of the FridaysForFuture international social movement and to hold pickets once a week.


— A month ago in Murmansk, we had a festival of the Puppet Theater, where theaters from Northern Scandinavia came, - Bogdanova told the correspondent of "7x7" during the picket. - A theater from Sweden was among them. I was supervising an older couple, and they told me about Greta Thunberg. I'd heard of her once, but never really dealt with the subject closely. They left, and I got into some kind of information realm. I learned about her, started to read and held a picket almost on that or the following day.

Speaking about climate change, Maria referred to the reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (an organization established to assess the risk of global climate change caused by manmade factors). They say that the main cause of climate problems is man. For example, emissions go into the atmosphere in the process the production of disposable plastic. Because of their impact on the environment, the climate is changing. According to the eco-activist, many countries, with the exception of Russia, are aware of this and adopt different laws that help reduce emissions, limit coal production, unsupport wearing natural fur.


— I see it as my mission to talk about it. When I’m holding a picket, well, let's assume, in Murmansk, at least two-three people will approach, ask, learn something, — Maria reported. — They might tell someone else about it, someone will be affected by the topic, find this information on the Internet and tell others. Now we are only talking about how to ban disposable plastic, but so far in name only.

Maria Bogdanova believes that the environmental situation affects the climate strongly. She wants the legislation to enshrine the duty to conduct environmental propaganda among citizens, to tell children what the environment is, what is dangerous about disposable plastic, why it is important to turn off the water and save electricity. The eco-activist hopes that more people will soon realize the problem of climate change, gather in a coalition and bring their position home to the state. Scientists assume people have 11 years to take and implement measures to save the climate, otherwise the process of its change will be irreversible, Maria said.

In 2018, the founder of the FridaysForFuture environmental movement - Swedish pupil Greta Thunberg - came to the building of the Swedish Parliament to protest against the inaction of politicians during the global climate crisis. She named her action «School strike for climate». Thunberg’s FridaysForFuture movement was supported in Russia as well. Greta Thunberg spoke at the UN General Assembly in New York on September 23, where she criticized country leaders for their insufficient contribution to preventing global warming. Thunberg's performance received different feedbacks — many people admired the girl, while others suggested that Thunberg was the object of adults’ manipulation. Actions in support of the pupil were planned in many cities of Russia and the world.


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