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  2. In the Karelian village, Nikita Mikhalkov’s studio started a staged fire. The locals were against it

In the Karelian village, Nikita Mikhalkov’s studio started a staged fire. The locals were against it

Daniil Kuznetsov, Denis Dolgopolov
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While shooting a film about firemen, Nikita Mikhalkov’s studio "TriTe" set fire to the decorations of the film in Kinerma — the village, which is called the most beautiful in Russia. Its residents were against it and noticed the damage from the actions of filmmakers. This was reported to "7x7" by resident of Kinerma Nadezhda Kalmykova on August 16.


Local residents reported in community "Kinerma — you are the antiquity nook..." on vk.com that the fake scenery had been set on fire for filming in the evening of August 15. They stood far away from village houses, the fire was controlled by several emergency response teams. Helicopters were flying above the village during the filming, gates near one of the houses fell down from prop wash.

— The fire was under control, — Nadezhda Kalmykova told "7x7". — Buildings that fell because of helicopters, were repaired [by the filmmakers]. The village and houses are unharmed; the fire was outside the territory. Potatoes and cucumbers are down. We were paid 30 thousand rubles under the contract, which ended in July, when there was the main shooting. The contract was on the lease of land and the opportunity to shoot houses.

Studio "TriTe" could not quickly comment on the actions of filmmakers.

Residents of Kinerma say that after the shooting an area of 50 to 300 meters was left burned.

According to the plot of film "Fire", firemen must land in the village and save its inhabitants from fire.

News agency Respublika published the following information of the Ministry of Emergency Situations: for the safety of filming the filmmakers cut down dead wood around the burned log and plowed the ground around the perimeter. The studio signed a contract with the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and rescuers were on duty near the fire with 25 tons of water.

In May 2019, residents of Kinerma learned about the plans of filmmakers, those having already received all the approvals from the local authorities. Many villagers opposed the filming of a staged fire.

Kinerma is a member of the association of the most beautiful villages of Russia. Six wooden houses in it are recognized as monuments of history and culture. The settlement itself is older than 600 years, it is considered to be the center of residence of Karelian livviks.


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