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The Petrozavodsk Town Hall was the one that proposed to hold an anti-terrorism rally on April 8

Gleb Yarovoy
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The organizers of the rally against terror, which was held in Petrozavodsk on April 8, wanted to make it on April 20, as follows from the responce of the town hall to the official enquiry of “7x7” online magazine.

According to the law "On meetings, rallies, demonstrations, marches and pickets", the organizer of the event was obliged to send a notice to the Petrozavodsk Town Hall "no later than 10 days before the day of the public event". The online magazine "7x7" reporters sent an official enquiry to get the explanations how the organizers managed to authorize the rally if the terrorist act in the St. Petersburg metro took place on April 3.

As the officials reported, the organizers' notice on the anti-terrorism rally (from the trade union committee of Petrozavodsk State University students and the Karelian Association of war veterans, retired workers and veterans of the armed forces) was received on April 5, April 20 was mentioned as the date of the event, the Kirov square was the requested place for it.

However, according to the information acquired from Petrozavodsk town hall, the date and place of the proposed rally "clashed with the earlier planned exhibition on Kirov Square called "Hunting. Fishing. Tourism - 2017", so the organizers were offered another time for their event, which was April 8. Under the law "On rallies," the town hall has the right to suggest the organizers "a reasonable proposal to change the place and (or) the time of the public event," and that was what they did. The organizers agreed on that.

The rallies "Against corruption" were held on March 26 in a number of Russian cities and gathered from several dozen to several thousand people. The reason for the protests was the investigation film about the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev "He is not Dimon to you" produced by the Anti-Corruption Fund. In Petrozavodsk, the rally against corruption took place on Kirov Square. That day the town hall decided to change the lanterns situated on the square, so the police seized several people.

On April 3, an explosion thundered in the St. Petersburg metro, and according to the latest information, 15 people died, including a suicide bomber. On April 8, mourning rallies were held throughout the country. According to Russian newspaper Kommersant, at the direction of the Presidential Executive Office, the mourning rallies against terror were supposed to be carried out especially in those cities where actions against corruption took place on March 26. Later on, the presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that "the Kremlin did not organize rallies".


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