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Disasters inside: catastrophes Russia has faced after February 24

Fire at the defense technology science institute in Tver
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The special operation in Ukraine, which began on February 24, has become the main event on the agenda of the federal media. Meanwhile, there have been major forest fires and some major accidents at enterprises and mines, in which at least 35 people were killed, in Russia. The 7x7 Online Newspaper has collected information about the incidents and natural disasters that have occurred in Russia since the beginning of [Roskomnadzor].

What has happened in the regions since February 24

  • February 25. There was a rockfall at the Obukhovskaya Coalmine in Rostov Oblast. Three miners found themselves under the rubble. They were saved.
  • March 1. Three people were injured during a rockfall at the Denisovskaya Mine in the Neryuginsky District, Yakutia. Shortly before the incident, there was an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.5 in this area. The Investigating Department organized an inspection.
  • March 4. In Astrakhan Oblast, a strong wind broke power lines. According to the press relations service of the governor of the region, 112 thousand people in 43 settlements had no electricity.
  • March 7. The roof collapsed at the Severopeschanskaya Mine in Sverdlovsk Oblast. Rescuers pulled one worker out from the rubble. He is alive.
  • March 9. Three people were killed after depressurization of a bitumen storage tank at the Heating Supply Company in Penza. Seven more people were injured.
  • March 18. The building of the shopping and commercial center caught fire early in the morning in Alupka. Two people were killed in the major fire.
  • March 21. There was a burst main in Rostov-on-Don. A fountain was formed from the massive pressure of hot water, which flooded the apartments of one of the houses. Rescuers evacuated 35 people, 13 of whom received heat burns to their legs.
  • March 24. There was a rockfall at a depth of 770 m in the Osinnikovskaya Mine in Kuzbass. There were 10 people in the center of the accident. One was killed.
  • March 31. Three workers of a steel mill in Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo Oblast, were killed when the ground collapsed. The incident occurred while a pipeline was being repaired on the territory of the enterprise.
  • April 11. Three people were killed in a cooking gas explosion in a high-rise building in Stupino near Moscow.
  • April 21. The authorities of Ivanovo Oblast reported a fire at an industrial solvent production in Kineshma. The fire spread to 800 m². One person was injured. According to the Russian Federal State Agency for Health and Consumer Rights (Rospotrebnadzor), the air state and quality are normal after the fire.
  • April 21. There was a major fire at the defense technology science institute in Tver. 20 people were killed, 27 more were injured. The causes of the fire are not reported.
  • April 22. Governor of Bryansk Oblast Alexander Bogomaz imposed an emergency mode due to high water. By this time, 47 residential buildings were flooded, 635 backyards went under the water.
  • April 23. There was an explosion during underground operations at the mine of the Gaisky GOK Enterprise in the city of Gai, Orenburg Oblast. 88 people left the mine on their own. Three people were killed. The preliminary version says that they were poisoned by carbon monoxide.
  • Forest fires are spreading in Siberia and the Far East. Primorsky Krai has the biggest area covered by fire — 6.5 thousand hectares as on April 26.


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