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  2. Residents of 9 countries sent letters of support to Komi Izhemtsy

Residents of 9 countries sent letters of support to Komi Izhemtsy

They express solidarity with the local population, which assess the activities of "LUKOIL-Komi" LLC extremely critically

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People from different countries — the UK, Finland, Belgium, Austria, Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and even the Philippines — expressed their support for the residents of the Izhemsky district that about a month ago at a meeting in the village Krasnobor demanded the company "LUKOIL-Komi" to suspend its activities in the district. Let us recall that Izhemtsy angered consumer attitude of oilers to native land of Izhemtsy and violation of environmental regulations. So, there were emergencies in extractive companies repeatedly, and forest and swamps had been polluted.

About a month ago the website 350.org (an international public organization uniting activists from around the world, who are trying to solve the issues of global climate change) published a story of Komi Izhemtsy who "rebelled" against the oil industry in the struggle for their land.

After that people from different countries knew about this problem. They sent letters of support to Komi. «7x7» publishes several messages.

I am inspired by your protest against Lukoil — they have nothing to do on your native land, as in any other place on this planet. I support your efforts and speak with you with all my strength and solidarity — until the day of our victory.

— Nicolò Wojewoda, London, UK

Чолöм! We, Finno-Ugric relatives from Finland and Hungary, love you, Komi people! I hope that Lukoil and Russian colonialists will not harm you! Komi and Finns — brothers!

— Sampsa Holopainen, Helsinki, Finland

Last year, I spent time in Syktykvar and was lucky to meet a very nice, fabulous and faithful person there in a long time, who, as it turned out, he was from the Izhmesky district. I'm really lucky. We appreciate all of your culture, your language, and the simple fact that you are such amazing people. Hang in there!

— Bogáta Timár, Budapest, Hungary

I agree with you in your struggle for self-determination, internationally recognized!

— Andy Whitmore, Stevenage, United Kingdom

Cheer up and remain faithful to your culture!

— Sirpa Lehtonen, Brussels, Belgium

People, I wish executives of Lukoil listen to your requirements and fulfill them fully! They have no right to envenom your life! And have to pay for all the ills that they have caused to you. Be active, fight for a better life! Find more leverages over Lukoil representatives and leaders! Good luck to you and all the best!

— Yuriy Pivovarenko, Kiev, Ukraine

Council member of the Izhemsky district, leader of "Iz'vatas" Nikolai Rochev believes that the situation in Komi resonated with people from different parts of the world because they are facing similar problems.

“These problems are everywhere. People saw that something can be done. They see that we have taken the first step. There are such cases in Canada and Norway, they appear locally. But they show that dialogue is possible. That's why people write that they are with us,” Nikolai Rochev said.

Anyone can submit a letter of support and solidarity: 350.org site created a page for this.

Besides, residents of Kolva (the Usinsk district) expressed support for the villagers of Krasnobor. This residential place in the north of Komi more often suffer from oil spills, which adversely affects the traditional way of life.

Let us recall that about a month ago at the meeting in Krasnobor, which was attended by representatives of "LUKOIL-Komi" LLC, several important decisions were made. The initiative group of citizens, which included six people, had to articulate a list of questions that oilers had to consider and thrash over within a month. After this meeting there should be another one. Among the main requirements — unhindered access of members of the initiative group (six people) to the objects of "LUKOIL" LLC when receiving signals of violations of environmental legislation, a re-hearing in Krasnobor on the construction of oil wells in the immediate vicinity of the village, the revision of the social partnership agreement between the district administration and "LUKOIL" LLC, where Krasnobor costs would be registered.

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Maxim Polyakov, «7x7»


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