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  2. Altai activist fined for post about Putin’s doubles and election fraud

Altai activist fined for post about Putin’s doubles and election fraud

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Aruna Arna, an activist from Altai Krai, was fined 180,000 rubles for a post about Putin’s doubles and election fraud. She shared this information on her Telegram channel on June 19.

The court in Gorno-Altaysk found Aruna Arna guilty of spreading inaccurate information (Article 13.15 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation) due to a post promoting a broadcast by 'Disclosed,' an opposition YouTube channel.

On April 26, in the announcement of the live stream, Arna wrote that up to 31 million ballots were stuffed in favor of Vladimir Putin. The post also claimed that Putin had 10 doubles and that "people still do not know his nationality."

The police officer who drew up the report noted that the Central Election Commission did not register any cases of ballot stuffing for Putin and recognized the election results as valid. Law enforcement asserted that Arna’s post had "a significant public impact among Russian citizens" (it was viewed 1,300 times) and could have led to mass protests.

According to Ivan Shukshin, an electoral analyst, up to 22 million ballots could have been stuffed for Putin during the 2024 presidential elections. Shukshin evaluated data from the Central Election Commission’s website using the Kiesling-Shpilkin methodology. This approach analyzes voter turnout at specific polling stations compared to the number of votes submitted for each party at the same locations.


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