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  2. Volgograd TV channel reveals names of those who laid flowers in Navalny's memory

Volgograd TV channel reveals names of those who laid flowers in Navalny's memory

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TV presenters on the 'Volgograd 1' channel read out the list of people who laid flowers in honor of Navalny. During a live broadcast, they revealed the names and workplaces of these individuals and displayed their photos.

Hosts of the 'Conversation Online' program on the 'Volgograd 1' TV channel discussed their 'investigation' into Volgograd residents who mourned Alexey Navalny. They listed the names of individuals who brought flowers to the memorial for victims of political repression.

The list of mourners includes several employees of city companies and a university professor. The authors of the 'investigation' disclosed their personal data. TV hosts referred to Navalny as 'a criminal' who never faced any 'politically motivated charges.' The propagandists claimed that those who support the late politician and his wife are 'an insult to the country and all Russians.'

Alexey Navalny died in a penal colony in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug on February 16, 2024. Following his tragic death, Russian citizens started bringing flowers, candles, and photos of the politician to memorials for victims of political repression in their towns. Some noticed people in plain clothes taking photos of the mourners. According to calculations by the 'Verstka' media outlet, makeshift memorials appeared in at least 140 locations across Russia.


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Владимир Жилкин
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