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  2. Yekaterinburg deputy wrote a denunciation against Yulia Navalnaya

Yekaterinburg deputy wrote a denunciation against Yulia Navalnaya

Photo by Evgeny Feldman for the 'This is Navalny' project (CC-BY-NC)
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A deputy from Sverdlovsk Oblast urged law enforcers to evaluate the actions of Yulia Navalnaya. He believes that Alexey Navalny’s widow is 'defaming her homeland' and calling for sanctions against Russia. The deputy shared his thoughts on the Telegram channel on March 6.

Sverdlovsk Oblast Duma Deputy, Andrey Alshevskikh, appealed to law enforcement bodies and asked them to evaluate Yulia Navalnaya’s actions. According to the deputy, Navalnaya 'flits between continents and defames her homeland,' calling for sanctions against Russia.

'There is a new hater of Russia sponsored by the West. The bet is placed on Yulia Navalnaya. There is not much choice, not many Russian oppositionists on display. That’s why [the West] involved her and makes so much fuss about her,' wrote Alshevskykh.

After Alexey Navalny’s death, his wife, Yulia, promised to keep up her husband’s work and 'fight for the country.' She urged the European Union not to recognize the presidential elections in Russia and impose sanctions against Vladimir Putin’s trusted individuals and relatives of Russian high-ranking officials.


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