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  2. Twenty-one injured in the explosion at a thermal power plant in Tuva

Twenty-one injured in the explosion at a thermal power plant in Tuva

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At least 18 people were hospitalized after the explosion at the Shagonar TPP in Tuva. According to the report made by the Ulug-Khemsky District administration on March 6, central heating in Shagonar was turned off. 

Eighteen people were taken to the hospital in the aftermath of the explosion at a thermal power plant in Tuva. The total number of injured workers has reached 21. 

The incident occurred at the Shagonar Thermoelectric Power Plant, where an explosion led to a fire. According to the leader of the Republic of Tuva, Vladislav Khovalyg, six people are in serious condition. Most of the injured suffered from burns and carbon monoxide poisoning. 

The reason for the explosion is yet to be defined. The leader of the Republic established an operational headquarters. 

In Shagonar, central heating has been turned off at least until the evening of March 6. The administration of the Ulug-Khemsky District asked residents to stay calm and not drain hot water from the radiators. 

The Minister of Education of Tuva, Elena Khardikova, announced that classes at all educational establishments in town were canceled. Parents were asked to pick up their children from daycare centers. Due to the explosion, the entrances of block houses got covered in ice from the inside. 

Shagonar residents have criticized the local authorities in online comments for the poor state of the old boiler house and the absence of a backup. They claim that they have been freezing in their apartments for a long time and that the town is in dire need of a new boiler house. 

Following the explosion, investigators opened a criminal case for negligence resulting in grievous bodily harm.


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