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  2. Drunk soldier kills Chelyabinsk woman while police stand behind his door

Drunk soldier kills Chelyabinsk woman while police stand behind his door

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A participant in the war in Ukraine murdered his ex-wife because she refused to let him in. Police stood near the apartment while the man was beating up his former partner. When they finally pried open the door, the woman was already dead, as reported by 74.RU on March 4.

On February 25, Nikita Sidorov's ex-wife and their 3-year-old son were staying in his apartment. Sidorov returned home drunk after meeting his friends, and the woman refused to let him in. According to other residents of the apartment block, the man then entered the apartment through the balcony. Soon after, a neighbor heard a woman scream.

The police arrived 40 minutes later and knocked on Sidorov's apartment door, trying to draw the residents’ attention. When they finally broke it down, they found the woman’s body.

Neighbors were afraid of Sidorov, as he often drank alcohol and fought with friends. Sidorov lived with his victim before the war in Ukraine and bore a child with her. Following their breakup, he joined military forces in Ukraine as a volunteer. The couple reunited after he returned home.

The police launched an investigation into the employees who came to Sidorov’s apartment on the night of the murder. The regional division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs pledged that the policemen would be subjected to 'the most severe disciplinary punishment' up to dismissal.

In 2023, Vladimir Putin pardoned Vladislav Kanyus, who murdered his girlfriend Vera Pekhteleva after their breakup. He beat her for two hours, raped her, and eventually strangled her with an iron cord. The neighbors called the police, but they never came. Eventually, the policemen were handed suspended sentences for negligence.

The prosecutor’s office deemed the release of Vladislav Kanyus lawful.


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