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Chuvash pensioner fined for speaking about forced mobilization

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In the Chuvash Republic, a retired man was fined 30,000 rubles for his remarks about men being forcibly sent to war. He shared this information with ‘7x7’ on March 5.

Anatoly Timofeev, a retired resident of the Kozlovka settlement, was found guilty of spreading inaccurate information that could incite mass disorder (Clause 9 of Article 13.15 of the Administrative Code). The case against Timofeev was initiated in November 2023, following a post in the 'Kozlovka' public group on VK.

Timofeev wrote that in the summer of 2023, the head of the Yangildino Territorial Department, Farit Yarullin, assaulted a local individual with alcohol addiction for refusing to accept a draft notice.

As Timofeev shared with '7x7,' he believes that district authorities are attempting to 'covertly rid themselves of boozers and junkies,' thereby increasing the number of contracted military personnel in the republic.

Timofeev insists that the case against him is fabricated and lacks evidence of his guilt. He found several witnesses who testified in court that the authorities in Yangildino conscripted a man with a heart condition and three missing fingers. The pensioner also alleges that the investigator in his case admitted to being pressured by the prosecutor, while the prosecutor himself mentioned 'pressure from above' in a private conversation. Timofeev plans to appeal the court’s verdict.

Vladimir Putin declared the start of 'partial mobilization' in September 2022. He later stated that 300,000 individuals had been mobilized and deployed to the frontlines. In December 2023, Putin announced that there was no need for a second wave of mobilization.


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