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  2. Ukraine war participants will take leading government positions in Russia

Ukraine war participants will take leading government positions in Russia

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On February 29, Vladimir Putin addressed the Federal Assembly and shared the plans for the country's development. He suggests launching an educational program for participants in the war in Ukraine, which will eventually allow them to take positions in power structures.

In his message to the Federal Assembly, Vladimir Putin instructed officials to launch the program titled 'Time of Heroes.' Military personnel will be able to apply for participation in the first admission starting on March 1. They will study under the supervision of government officials, regional leaders, and executives of major corporations.

After completing the program, former war participants will be able to govern Russian regions. According to Putin, 'Russia of the future can be handed over and entrusted to these modern heroes.' War participants will also have priority while applying for civilian studies at universities and advancing in their career development.

'The term 'elite' has discredited itself. They consider themselves some kind of an upper caste. They are definitely not 'elite.' The real elite are warriors and workers,' added Putin.

This marked the end of his address to the Federal Assembly, which lasted for more than two hours.

Political scientist Andrey Kolesnikov believes that Putin wants to 'form a new type of elite for the rest of his life.'

'They [military personnel] already feel as the masters of the universe, and now they will get this career lift. Thus, participation in the war is further encouraged by career perspectives. Of course, this 'elite' will be dangerous for regular citizens: the police and secret services are already in power, and now they will be complemented by the military as a final touch to the image of a state based on force,' thinks Kolesnikov.


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