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  2. Krasnoyarsk residents threatened with extremism financing charges for commemorating Navalny

Krasnoyarsk residents threatened with extremism financing charges for commemorating Navalny

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The police have been issuing warnings to those who placed flowers to commemorate Alexey Navalny in Krasnoyarsk. The residents are being threatened with charges of financing extremism, reported the 'Borus' Telegram channel on February 20.

The police visit those who laid flowers near the makeshift memorial of Alexey Navalny and hand over papers with warnings. According to the document, such actions must receive prior authorization; moreover, the region has active COVID-19 restrictions. It is prohibited to conduct a series of solo pickets if they are 'evidently enough united by a single purpose.'

Krasnoyarsk residents were threatened with consequences ranging from opening an administrative case on illegal demonstrations to criminal charges of organizing and financing extremist activities.

Independent deputy from Novosibirsk, Svetlana Kaverzina, was urged over the phone to come to the police station and receive a warning by herself.

In Belgorod, parents are being asked to talk with their children about Navalny in light of his 'criminal activities.'

For the last 5 days, mourning Russian citizens have been placing flowers in memory of Alexey Navalny, who died in a penal colony on February 16. Novosibirsk residents built a makeshift memorial near the statue of Nicholas the Wonderworker after the monument of victims of political repressions turned out to be 'rigged with explosives.' Residents of Vladivostok, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Kazan, Omsk continue rebuilding destroyed memorials, with Kondopoga in Karelia joining the mourners.


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