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  2. Two Krasnodar girls accused of LGBT propaganda for kissing on video at pretend wedding

Two Krasnodar girls accused of LGBT propaganda for kissing on video at pretend wedding

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The police initiated an investigation into a video where two young women from Krasnodar exchanged rings and kissed. Blogger Vlada Alchayeva admitted that the wedding was fake, used as a means to increase her online page’s outreach, as reported by the portal 93.RU on February 5.

A video of Krasnodar blogger Vlada Alchayeva exchanging rings with and kissing another girl went viral online. Alchayeva explained that the purpose of filming the video was to increase her Instagram* page's outreach.

"I will never trade a **** [male genitals] for a ***** [female genitals], I love men and don’t support any forbidden movements," the blogger told 93.RU journalists.

Nevertheless, the police suspected the young women of LGBT propaganda, labeling their kiss as 'indecent behavior' and initiating a search for them. Alchayeva and her friend are facing administrative charges punishable with a fine.

The law banning LGBT propaganda in Russia was adopted in December 2022. A year later, the Russian Supreme Court branded the 'LGBT movement' extremist. Russian residents started filing complaints even on performances of men dressed as women.

In February 2024, a Nizhny Novgorod resident was arrested for 5 days for wearing rainbow-colored frog-shaped earrings. She was accused of exposing prohibited symbols. A resident of Volgograd Oblast faced similar accusations for posting an LGBT flag on social media and was fined in accordance with Article 20.3 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation.


*The text mentions Meta Platforms Inc., an organization whose activities are prohibited in the Russian Federation


* В материале упомянута организация Meta Platforms Inc., деятельность которой запрещена в РФ
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