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Court orders arrest of Belgorod volunteer helping Ukrainian refugees

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The court in Belgorod has ordered a two-month arrest for the volunteer Nadezhda Rossinskaya, also known as Nadin Geisler, who is accused of urging donations for the Ukrainian Military Forces. A '7x7' correspondent reported the decision following the court session on February 2.

The Sverdlovsk District Court in Belgorod has ordered a two-month arrest for Nadezhda Rossinskaya, also known as Nadin Geisler, in a case related to actions contrary to Russia’s state security. Rossinskaya's lawyers insisted on house arrest, a signed recognizance not to leave, or release on a bail of 600,000 rubles, which was raised the day before the court session. Nadezhda's mother expressed readiness for her daughter to stay at their home if house arrest is imposed.

The volunteer denied any guilt and refuted her involvement in encouraging people to donate to the Ukrainian army.

"Being a patriot of my country, I returned [from Georgia] back to my homeland. At some point Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin said that Russians would not hide like rats in basements. I am also not intending to hide from those who do not support the Special Military Operation and aid to the Russian military. I came back home with a clear conscience and I am asking the Russian Federation for protection," said Geisler.

The volunteer claimed to have assisted the Russian army with the support of Artem Turov, a member of the United Russia party, whom she met in person. The veracity of this claim remains uncertain, and it is not yet clear whether Rossinskaya provided this information genuinely or under pressure.

On February 1, the Federal Security Service (FSB) apprehended Nadezhda Rossinskaya upon her return to Belgorod. She supposedly came from Russia to Georgia to save the dogs previously evacuated from Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia.

Since the onset of the war, the volunteer has collected funds for hundreds of affected Ukrainians, brought them food and medication under shelling, rented apartments for refugees, and rescued their pets.


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