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  2. About 5,000 Bashkortostan residents manifest in support of arrested activist

About 5,000 Bashkortostan residents manifest in support of arrested activist

Photo from the Telegram channel 'Odnazhdy v Bashkiriyi'
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Around 5,000 residents of Bashkortostan took to the streets to show support for Fail Alsynov, currently on trial for delivering an anti-gold mining speech at a village meeting. The 'Kushtau Bairam' Telegram channel reported on the protest on January 15.

The Baymak court in the Republic of Bashkortostan was scheduled to deliver the verdict on Fail Alsynov's case on January 15. The activist faces charges for his speech in Bashkir during a meeting against gold mining. Over 5,000 people came to the court building; some protested outside, while others stayed in their cars. Protesters called for Alsynov's release and demanded the resignation of Republic head Radiy Khabirov.

Locals reported the deployment of 'all possible security forces' divisions' in Baymak, with law enforcement checking documents at the town's entrance.

The announcement of the verdict was later rescheduled to January 17. The prosecutor sought a four-year sentence in a penal colony for inciting hatred or enmity towards residents of Central Asia and the Caucasus region, particularly Armenians.

In April, during a meeting in Ishmurzino village, Fail Alsynov claimed that gold miners were 'depriving people' of their land. Republic head Radiy Khabirov responded by filing a complaint with the prosecutor's office.

"What do we get out of it? Our men are leaving and dying out there. We don’t even have anyone to protect our land here; only women and elderly ladies are left. Drunkards are dying from drinking, and those who are still alive are dying at war," – the expert committee translated Alsynov's words from Bashkir.

The activist's support group has consistently urged conducting hearings in Bashkir and further investigation into his case.


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