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  2. Kaliningrad Oblast residents demand the return of cat 'fired' from a Zelenogradsk shop due to denunciation

Kaliningrad Oblast residents demand the return of cat 'fired' from a Zelenogradsk shop due to denunciation

Photo by 'Zelenogradsk Podslushano'
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Over 500 residents of Zelenogradsk have signed a petition calling for the return of the cat named Sergei to the shop where he used to reside. The animal had to be taken home by an employee due to a report filed with Rospotrebnadzor. Store manager Tatiana Gorbunova shared this information on social media on December 27th.

In late December, an unidentified person reported to Rospotrebnadzor (Russian Consumer Rights Authority) that a cat named Sergei was living in the 'Yumarket' shop in Zelenogradsk. The informant alleged that the cat posed a violation of sanitary and epidemiological norms. Consequently, the authorities instructed the removal of the cat. Tatiana Gorbunova, the store's manager, shared on social media that Sergei is no longer a resident employee of 'Yumarket.'

"We understand the risks associated with having a cat in the shop, but we couldn't bring ourselves to put him out on the street as he had chosen this place as his home. He has become a highlight of our resort town; even tour guides mention him to visitors," Tatiana wrote.


Zelenogradsk residents, along with people from other regions, have taken to social media, urging the return of Sergei. They propose filling the Complaints and Suggestions book with messages of gratitude to the cat and creating a petition to ban the informant from 'Yumarket.'

'Yumarket' employees placed a paper petition in the shop, gathering over a hundred signatures to date. Some individuals from other regions mentioned that they are planning to visit Zelenogradsk specifically to sign the petition. Currently, Sergei resides with one of the employees but regularly visits the shop's window. Zelenogradsk authorities have not commented on the matter yet.

Sergei the cat, a former stray, had been living in the 'Yumarket' grocery shop on Kurortny Avenue for several years. The staff provided him with a bed and hung a wall sign designating him as the shop's 'Honorary Employee.'


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