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  2. Supreme Court confirms Ekaterina Duntsova’s exclusion from presidential elections

Supreme Court confirms Ekaterina Duntsova’s exclusion from presidential elections

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On December 27, the Russian Supreme Court dismissed Ekaterina Duntsova's lawsuit against the Central Election Commission, as reported by the 'Ostorozhno, novosti' media outlet.

Ekaterina Duntsova sought to challenge the Central Election Commission's rejection of her initiative group's registration. During the hearings, CEC representatives cited violations of meeting regulations in support of independent candidates and errors in meeting protocols and other documents. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Commission.

The case was presided over by Judge Oleg Nefedov, the same individual who declared the 'International LGBT Movement' extremist on November 30.

After the session, Ekaterina Duntsova expressed her intention to establish her political party, driven by the absence of organizations representing Russian citizens with an anti-war stance. According to Duntsova, the party's constituent assembly will convene in March, following the selection of her delegates.

Ekaterina Duntsova, a former deputy of Rzhev Duma in Tver Oblast and a journalist at RIT television company, declared her candidacy for the presidential elections in November 2023, emphasizing her vision for Russia as a 'peaceful state'. Following the CEC's refusal to register her initiative group, Duntsova appealed to the Yabloko political party to nominate her as a presidential candidate, but her request was declined, citing a policy of not nominating 'random citizens without sufficient information about them'.

Subsequently, Duntsova urged Russians to assist in collecting signatures for Boris Nadezhdin, the candidate from the Civic Initiative party.


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