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  2. Ukraine accused of attempting to poison Krasnodarsk pilots with a cake

Ukraine accused of attempting to poison Krasnodarsk pilots with a cake

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A criminal case of terrorism has been initiated against Egor Semenov, a native of the Ukrainian city of Melitopol. According to the Krasnodar prosecutor’s office, he attempted to poison local pilots with a cake and whiskey. TASS reported on December 22 that Semenov is believed to have connections with the Ukrainian authorities.

Egor Semenov, born in Melitopol, Ukraine, has been apprehended by law enforcement and is accused of committing an act of terrorism (Article 205 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) against graduates of an aviation school in Armavir, Krasnodarsk Krai. The prosecutor’s office alleges that Semenov poisoned a cake and whiskey and sent them with a courier to a gathering of 77 graduates. Following this, Semenov planned to depart for Moscow.

The prosecutor’s office contends that Semenov was a member of a group supposedly comprised of employees from Ukrainian state organizations. Although the detainee has partially admitted guilt, he denies poisoning the cake.

Photo by Telegram channel Fighterbomber. Source: t.me

Since the beginning of the war, Russian authorities have increasingly laid blame on Ukraine for various issues. For instance, during his live Q&A session in December 2023, Vladimir Putin asserted that the delay in deliveries of vaccines against measles to the regions was due to a 'technical glitch' and 'Ukraine.' According to Putin, the country has 'a very low level of immunization.'


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