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  2. Ministry of Justice inspects presidential candidate Ekaterina Duntsova

Ministry of Justice inspects presidential candidate Ekaterina Duntsova

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The Ministry of Justice officials visited Tver journalist Ekaterina Duntsova, requesting the registration protocol for the initiative group that endorsed her presidential candidacy. Duntsova shared this information on her Telegram channel on December 21.

The Ministry of Justice requested Ekaterina Duntsova to submit the protocol verifying the registration of the initiative group that endorsed her candidacy for the presidential elections scheduled for September 17. Over 500 individuals expressed their support for Duntsova's presidential bid. The protocol sought by the Ministry of Justice had been notarized, and the meeting of the initiative group was attended by a representative from the Central Electoral Committee. According to Duntsova, the authorities are 'attempting to discredit' the documents related to her nomination.

On the same day, Duntsova's name appeared on the 'Gosuslugi' portal, listed as a presidential candidate alongside Vladimir Putin.

In November, the former Rzhev Duma deputy expressed her readiness to compete for the Russian presidency, aspiring for 'a peaceful state.' 

Five days after her nomination, she was summoned to the Tver prosecutor's office to discuss her stance on the Ukraine war and the electoral campaign.



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