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  2. Several Russian regions limit the number of eggs sold to one person

Several Russian regions limit the number of eggs sold to one person

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On December 20, the online magazine '7x7' reported one-person restrictions on egg sales in multiple Russian regions, affecting both physical stores and online platforms.

In Belgorod, Lenta supermarket online shoppers are limited to purchasing only one box of eggs, with stocks running out quickly, as per the findings of '7x7'. In Voronezh, customers can order a maximum of three boxes at a time. Similar restrictions have been reported by residents in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Tyumen Oblast, and Yamal.

Nizhnevartovsk has faced a week-long absence of eggs on supermarket shelves, according to NEFT. A shop on Artilleriyskaya street in Chelyabinsk imposes a three-box limit per person. Employees of a Lenta supermarket in Tyumen explained that egg sales are restricted due to delivery issues. 

The surge in egg prices during the autumn of 2023 was attributed to increased demand. Eggs and chicken, being affordable sources of animal protein, gained popularity amid rising prices for other products. RBC experts noted a decline in chicken production in the latter part of the year due to capacity shortages and an outbreak of bird flu.

Vladimir Putin attributed the rise in egg prices to a government glitch, prompting efforts to boost egg production. Two weeks later, Dmitriy Peskov reported ‘success’ in stabilizing egg prices. However, Russian citizens continue to queue for egg purchases.


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