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  2. More than 40 bus conductors of Syktyvkar road transport company strike with the requirement of official employment and declared salary

More than 40 bus conductors of Syktyvkar road transport company strike with the requirement of official employment and declared salary

Striking conductors at the bus station
by Maxim Polyakov
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On May 15, conductors of the Syktyvkar road transport company №1 went on strike. The «7x7» correspondent reported that about 40 people gathered near the bus station at five o'clock in the morning. The management of the company had to replace the conductors by employees of the accounting and personnel departments.

Conductors intend not to work until their issue is resolved — they require official employment and declared salary.

The strikers work on the main routes and in the country (there are more than hundred conductors). According to them, in December 2017, the company's management forced them to write resignation notices, otherwise it promised to fire them under the article.

The new scheme of work has been operating since January 2018: only drivers are employed, conductors are not. Each time before leaving for the route, the driver receives a plan for the number of sold tickets. If the plan is not fulfilled, the driver must compensate from his own salary. Everything earned above the plan is a salary of the conductor. For example, the shift starts at 6 am and ends at 7 pm — if by that time the ticket plan is completed, then the proceeds from tickets sold after the shift are a salary of the conductors.

Thus, often the driver and the conductor work until 10–11 pm, and to avoid problems with traffic police, the driver has two time-sheets for two shifts. According to women, complaining is useless: the management threatens to transfer them to small buses, and it is impossible to fulfil the plan there.

Staff of the Syktyvkar road transport company №1 had been working in this mode for five months. Since May 1, the fare on urban routes has decreased from 24 to 20 rubles, while the plan was raised. This, as well as the fact that drivers work without rest which creates a potentially dangerous situation on the roads, compelled the conductors to strike.

According to our correspondent, women called the mayor Valery Kozlov. He answered that, since the Ministry of Transport is a founder of the company, they should apply there. After another call, the strikers began to worry:

"Girls, Rukavishnikov is coming to us [head of the company Alexander Rukavishnikov] and someone from the Ministry of Transport."

"Well, now they will see us here and fire."

«7x7» failed to get the comment of the Syktyvkar road transport company №1. According to the strikers, today they were replaced by employees of the personnel and accounting departments.

Specialized road transport company №1 is the largest transport company in Syktyvkar. The last failures in its work are dated January 2017: the buses were late or did not go on routes.

Alexander Rukavishnikov previously headed the company Tveravtotrans. In 2011, more than 150 entrepreneurs working in the field of passenger transportation wrote an open letter to the president Dmitry Medvedev; in their opinion, private entrepreneurs were put out of the market through administrative measures and provocations. In 2016, Rukavishnikov moved to Syktyvkar.

Maxim Polyakov, Elena Bayakina, «7x7»


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