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  2. Kirov human rights defender Vladimir Kasatkin was criminated after his claims to the actions of police officers

Kirov human rights defender Vladimir Kasatkin was criminated after his claims to the actions of police officers

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Vladimir Kasatkin, deputy chairman of the Vyatka Committee for Human Rights, was arrested on suspicion of committing depraved actions.

The human rights activist was detained on October 24. According to member of the committee Evgeny Kokulin, Kasatkin was detained by policemen, taken to the department and interrogated for seven hours. He was charged with part 3 of Article 135 of the Criminal Code ("Violent acts committed against two or more persons").

"The peculiarity of this article is that no one will tell you what exactly he is accused of, because all such cases are held behind closed doors, since they concern offense against a minor," said Kokoulin.

The accused appealed the premises for arrest in the Kirov Regional Court on November 9. The court refused to reconsider the decision. Kasatkin is now in solitary confinement in Detention Facility No. 2. He has no complaints about the conditions of his detention.

"I've known Vladimir Yurievich since 1995, and I fully understand that he did not commit the crime that he is charged with. Vladimir Yurievich complained that he was followed by police officers, they monitored telephone conversations; he asked to refrain from talking on certain topics during the working environment. About two months ago we went to the city of Murashi, there was a situation with inadequate actions of police officers, they beat a local resident in front of his child. There was a case of abandoned drugs in the Abrazhsky district. Some of these stories have become fatal, or there are accumulated claims, I can not say now," Kokoulin added.

«7x7» failed to receive an operative comment in the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Kirov region.

Vyatka Committee for Human Rights is a public organization that deals with the protection of the rights of citizens, representation of their interests in court. Vladimir Kasatkin is one of its founders.

Katerina Klepikovskaya, «7x7»


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